how to use QcomDloader tool

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QcomDloader tool: is the flashing tool that used to flash new firmware into any Qualcomm chip. In order to successfully flash new firmware into your Qualcomm device you need a stock firmware for your device.


The first step in flashing your Qualcomm device is to download the QcomDloader. You can find QcomDloader Download qcomDloader. After you have download the file into your system you have to extract it, because it come in RAR file.

The second step is to install Qualcomm drivers. These drivers will allow your phone to communicate with your computer. You can find drivers that are included into the file you have downloaded.

When you have finish installing Qualcomm drivers into your device, connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Once the device is detected by your computer open the QcomDloader tool.

The QcomDloader tool has the same interface as the SPD download tool, which is used to flash firmware into SPD based devices. After the QcomDloader is opened, click on the gear icon to load your Qualcomm firmware into the QcomDloader. Navigate to where your firmware is located into your filesystem.

Before flashing the ROM into your device you have to configure some settings first. We need to tick the validate Downloaded ROM. You will find this setting in the tab with double gear icon. Leave other settings as they are.

Under chipset ID write your device chipset number. You can easily found chipset number by looking to the file you have just downloaded. Example prog_emmc_htc_1920.mbn. In this name the chipset number is 1920.

Just click on OK button and exist the configuration menu. Press on the start download button (play button icon) to start flashing process. Once the flashing process is complete the progress bar will show green text passed.