how to tell if website is built on top of WordPress or Blogger

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If you were wondering what your favorite website is made up of, you can find it pretty easily. Now days many blogs are made on top of Blogger or Wordpress technology. To find which one was used on your favorite blog, we can try to analyze these traits.


The easiest trait to find in the website that use WordPress or Blogger is the URL. In the URL you will see the date when the post was published. Example the URL will look like this one:

Another method to find whether the site use WordPress is by using the tool isitwp tool.

Another method is to look at the footer of the site for the name of the theme that was used to build the site.

Another method you can try is by open any page of the website, and right click on the page to open the menu; navigate to view page source option and click on that. The browser will open another tab, which contain all source code used to create the page you were viewing. This method is the most advanced one because in order to understand how the site is build, you will need to have at least a good understanding of HTML code. Try to look for any link that pint at any resource with wp-followed by name. These links are clues that the page is using WordPress because the page is request for WordPress resources.

Most of the methods described here can be applied to any blog technology.