how to remove program from windows 10

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To remove and add program into your windows computer is one of essential skill one can have. Today in this article I am going to show you how you can easily remove any unwanted program from windows computer. This will work on any windows operating systems from windows vista to the current one windows 10.


To remove unwanted program from any windows computer, we must click at the left bottom corner of the screen at the windows logo; And type control panel.

We open the control panel program, after the control panel program has been opened you will see programs tab and under programs tab there is small tab titled uninstall a program. We need to click on that tab. After click on uninstall a program, you will see list of programs that are available in your system; select the program you wish to remove from your windows system.

After select the program you wish to remove from your system, the uninstall tab will appear at the top of program list. Click on the uninstall tab and follow instructions, which are specific to every program. That is all you have to do to remove any program from your windows system.

You can watch video instruction down below.