how to recover data from hard drive

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If you have lost your data, and you want to recover them from your old hard drive, or your old memory card or even on your pen drive disk (USB drive) you can actually just do that with easy, no need for a computer technician. All you need is your old hard drive, or any storage medium you wish to recover data from, and the recovery software. Personal I recommend program called Data rescue, you can get data rescue from their website.


The first step to recover your data is to plug in your storage medium into your pc. After the storage medium is plugged in, and Data rescue is installed in your computer. Open Data rescue program, after the program is opened Data rescue program will display all the disks that are currently connected to your system. Choose the disk you want to recover data from, and click on the next button.

When you click on the next button another window will appear that lets you choose between deep scan (which is better for corrupted storage medium) but will take a long time to finish, and quick scan (which is better if your hard drive is working fine, and you want to recover deleted file or data) this will take less time to complete.

After choose which type of scan you want to perform on your storage medium, click on the next button, and the scanning will start immediately. When the scan process is completed, Data rescue will display another window with disk partitions it finds in the disk, and another option that titled Raw Sectors. If you want to recover deleted data, you have to choose the Raw Sectors option, and click on the next button. Data rescue will ask you if you want to build a new file and folder list, choose yes. After Data rescue is finish building up the list of file and folder it will categorize each data it found according to its type. Example Documents, Multimedia, and other data types. You can choose to recover the whole file, or just individual file. Right click on the folder of file you want to recover, and choose check if you want to recover multiple files, or folder at the same time. If you just want to recover a single folder, or file just highlight the file or folder you wish to recover, and choose recover. Data rescue will let you choose where do you want to save the recovered file, choose where you want to save it, and click on the recover button. You are done that is all it takes to recover back your deleted or lost files.

This method can also be applied to all storage medium like memory card, memory stick, USB pen drive, and other medium. Also you can use this method on corrupted storage medium.