how to install fonts in windows system

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To install new and good looking font can be a challenge to many computer uses. If you wish to install a new font into your windows system you can do it in just few clicks.


Install new fonts in your system

The first step is you need the font file, which is in a true type font file (.ttf). You can online for the font you want to install into your system, or you can check fontsquirrel for free fonts that you can download into your system. When downloading the file choose true type font format.

When you have the font file in your system, you need to navigate into the file that contains all your system fonts. The font folder is located at local disk c (c:/windows/fonts), or you can use this method to access the fonts folder just press ctrl + r. The dialog  box will appear with the input field, type fonts in the input field and press enter, the fonts folder will appear, or another way you can access the fonts folder is by click on the windows start menu and type %fonts%, and then press enter.

After the fonts folder is opened, all you need to do to install your new fancy font is to copy the font you have downloaded into the fonts folder, and you are don; your new font will be ready to be used by any program in your machine.