how to download videos from youtube

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if you want to download video from Youtube you can do it with easy. They are few steps you can take to accomplish this. In this article i am going to describe two ways you can download video from Youtube. One for windows pc, and one for android devices.


Download Youtube videos in your windows pc

The most easier method to download youtube videos in your windows pc is by using a program called Internet Download ManagerThis program will allow you to download any video from Youtube of any quality of your choice.

You need to download and install Internet Downloader Manager into your windows pc, and allow its extension to be installed into your browser. After everything is set all you need to do is just open any Youtube video you want to download, and the small popup will appear with the title download video. Click on the popup and choose the quality of the video you want to download.

Download Youtube videos in your android device.

you can download Youtube videos into your android device device, all you have to do to accomplish this; is you need install application called Tubemate into your device. After installing Tubemate into your device, open Tubemate application. When Tubemate is opened it will automatically open Youtube, so you can watch Youtube video via Tubemate; when you watch any video via Tubemate the download this video popup will appear that will let you download the video you're watching into your device.