how to create a bootable USB drive

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If you want to create a bootable USB drive you can with easy steps to follow. Now in the current market of computer they are two types of computer. The ones that uses MBR (Master boot root), and the ones that uses UEFI (Unified extensible firmware interface).


In order to create a bootable drive you have to take into account which system you want to support either MBR (Master boot root) or UEFI (Unified extensible firmware interface).

Creating bootable flash drive for MBR computers

To create a bootable flash drive for MBR computers we can use a simple tool called diskpart in windows systems. To access diskpart, open your command prompt and type diskpart. Press enter. You will be prompted to either run the diskpart command or refuse to do so.

When the diskpart command is opened type these commands:

type list disk -: This command is used to list all disks that are currently connected to the computer. This command will list all devices including removable disk (USB drives) or internal connected disks. After all disks have been listed, you need to note the number of your USB drive.

type select disk # -: # is the number of your flash drive. Replace # symbol with the your USB driver number you have noted down in the previous command.

type clean -:  After select the disk in the previous command. You need to run clean command, which will delete all partitions in your uSB drive.

type create partition primary -: this command is used to create new partition. This will create new partition in your USB drive after clear all partition in the previous clean command.

type select partition 1 -: this command is used to select the partition you had just created in the previous command.

type active -: this command is used to mark the partition that you had created in the previous command. You need to mark a partition as  active in order to be formated by diskpart.

type format fs = ntfs/fat32 quick -:  this command is used to format the partition you had selected in the previous. You can choose between two filesystems, either ntfs or fat32. The quick option is used to make formatting process to perform very fast.

type assign -:  this command is used to assign the new formatted flash drive a letter, so it can be accessible again by the system.

The last step is you need to a windows image file or a windows cd, if it's a windows image file extract or mount the image and then copy all image content into the flash drive. If it is a windows cd you need to copy all windows cd content into the flash drive and your done.

Creating bootable disk for UEFI computers

To create a bootable flash drive for UEFI computers is pretty similar to MBR computers, but the only difference is UEFI computers will only boot from fat32 drives, so you need to format your flash drive into fat32 when you reach the format step.

The program that i sometimes uses to format my bootable flash drives is called Universal USB installer. This application can be used to create all kinds of bootable USB drives from Linux bootable drives to windows bootable drives.