computer networking essential explained

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Computer networking: this is the collection of computers that are connected together via a certain medium, and allowed to communicate, share, and distribute information between each other.


Identifying the requirements for a network to be called a network


A communication medium is any process that can be used by two computers to transfer data. It can be bounded (via cable) or boundless (via wireless).


These are devices designed to regenerate or strengthen transmission signals to avoid alteration or weakening of the signal, which leads to data corruption.


Are junction boxes with no intelligence that are used to connect devices together on the same physical network.


This is an acronym for Local Area Network. According to CISCO a LAN is a high speed data network covering a small geographical area.


This is an acronym for Wide Area Network. Wide are network this is the collection of LAN connected to one another with a WAN technology or with the internet. Allowing it to function as one large network.

Peer-to-peer Networks

These are the first type of network to appear, this type of network is often referred to as a workgroup. In peer-to-peer network each computer is responsible for its own security, and computers have no security relationships with another computer.

IP address

These are numbers in a specific format that used to identify a computer or device in a network.

Advantages of peer-to-peer network are

Disadvantages of peer-to-peer network are

Understanding client-server networks

The difference between client-server networks and peer-to-peer network is the presence of a least one server.

In this type of network, the shared data is centralized on a device called file server.

File server

Is a computer that contains resources (file) that a user in a network need.

Access token

This is the file that list the resources that user is allowed to access in the network regardless of where the resource is located.

Advantages of client-server network

Disadvantages of client-server network