Printers explained in details

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Printer is one of the Computers output devices. The main function of the printer is to provide a hard copy of your data. They are four different types of printers available in market today, these are: Inkjet printers, Thermal Printers, Laser Printers, and Impact Printers.


Briefly explanation of different types of printers:


 Before deciding which printer to purchase you need to understand some basic terminologies that are used in printing business. These terminologies will help you to choose, which printer to purchase.

Common terminology used in printing business.

 Instaling drivers

In order to instal a new printer into your system. First you will need to install drivers into your system before connecting your printer. This will assure that when you connect your printer to your system it will find required drivers, which will allow your system to communicate with your printer. Many printers are sold with their drivers in CD or you can download compatible drivers for your printer from printer manufacturer website.

The most common way a printer is connected to the computer is by using a USB connection. Printer commonly have a USB Type B port, and you use a cable with a USB Type A connector on one end for the computer and a USB Type B connector on the other end for the printer.

Now days you can find printers that can be connected to the computer wirelessly either via Bluetooth, infrared, or wireless network.

Printer Sharing

Printers can also be shared to be used by other users in a network. This is achieved by follow simple steps. This is the tutorial on how to share printer on Microsoft windows 10.

You can manage your printing jobs via the provided application. Many printer manufacturers provide official application that can be used to manage printing jobs, and also provide important details about your printer like ink level, or if the printer is require maintenance.