How to skip annoying Facebook video ads

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If you were wondering how you can skip annoying Facebook video ads, you are not alone. After Facebook introduces their new ads, which plays on top of other videos, many people seek a way to skip them.


These video ads are similar to those found on platform like YouTube, but the only difference is YouTube ads are skippable, which means user can watch the ads or skip them.

Facebook design their video ads to be non-skippable, which means they force their user to watch them, even if you are not interested in watching. When Facebook video is playing, the comment, like and share buttons disappear. This behavior prevent user from perform any other task, and force the user to watch the ad.

There is a work around that can be used to skip these annoying ads. This method will allow user to open and read comment section of the video while the ad is playing. This method has been tested on Facebook app for android devices, but it will work for any Facebook app. In order for this method to work you need to press the comment section of the video, when Facebook displays notification that the video ad will start soon and the loading circle is about 95% to 98%. 

If you press the comment section early, press the back button and press comment section again. This may prevent Facebook from loading the ad at all or the ad will play in the background while you are reading comments.

Facebook will open the comment section of the video, and the video ad will still be playing in the background. When the video ends, you can press back key to continue watching your video uninterrupted. 

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