How to remove FRP on Vodafone VDF 200 and other Vodafone devices

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If you want to remove FRP lock on your Vodafone android devices you can, by simply follow these simple instructions.



You will need a working SIM card, Quick Shortcut Maker apk, and MicroSD card. First you need to install SIM card into your device, and then download Quick Shortcut Maker apk and copy it into the SD card. After copy Quick Shortcut Maker into your MicroSD card you have to install MicroSD card into your phone. These are all requirements needed to successfully remove FRP lock from your Vodafone device.

This is how to remove FRP:

After you have done all required steps above we are good to go. We start by making a call to the number that its SIM card you have installed in the device, when the phone start ringing answer by SMS, and choose write your own option. After choosing write your own option, message app will open, press on call button (phone icon at the top right corner), Dial up app will open, press on three dots at the left of the number you have just called with, menu will pop up, choose add to contacts option.

After choose add to contact option press on three dots at the right corner of the screen, choose create new contact, save that new contact on the phone, and press on check mark to save the contact. After that you will be taken back to the dialer app; dial the number that is displayed on the dialer, and immediately cancel the call, you will be taken to the speed dial tab. Press on contacts tab, choose the contact you have just save previously, and then press on message icon, you will be taken to the messaging app, press on three dots at the right corner of the screen, and choose settings, you will be entered into settings for the messaging app.

After entering into settings for the message app choose the first option which is (SMS enabled), and change the default SMS app into Hangouts. Then, go back by pressing the back button several times until you reach the contact information of the number you have saved previous, press on the message icon again; Hangouts app will open, press on the three dots at the right side of the screen, and choose Help & feedback option. After help & feedback option is opened choose one of the article (recommended choose Get Started with Hangouts), select any text inside the article, and black bar will appear at the top of screen with options. Choose share option, and scroll down until you find Gmail app, tap on Gmail app and you will be required to enter an email address, choose second option which is not for Gmail account (This will work with any valid email address either yahoo, Hotmail, or any other email provider). Follow all instructions provided by the app.

After successfully sing in you will be prompted by the screen with your email address, and the button TAKE ME TO GMAIL at the bottom of the screen. Press on that button to proceed into Gmail app.

Now new screen will appear that will enable you to compose a new email, press on the three dots at the at the right side of the screen, and then choose settings. After enter into settings press again on three dots at the right side of the screen, and choose Manage Accounts, you will be prompted by the message choose continue, Voila! You have entered into the device settings, scroll down and choose Home tab, and then choose Standard Home Screen and tap ok; Voila! You have now entered into phone menu.

Tap on the menu icon and choose file manager select Category tab and then tap on Applications icon. You will see Quick Shortcut Maker apk that you have copied into previously into the MicroSD card. Install Quick Shortcut Maker, allow unknown sources from settings.

Open Quick Shortcut Maker app. After the app is opened, type at the input keyword to filter field. Type google (google followed by space); tap on google account manager, and then scroll down and choose Google account manager (with the small text type email and password) and tap try. You will be asked to re-type password, do not enter any password, you need to press on three dots at the right side of the screen and choose Browser sign in.

Gmail will be open via browser, and you will be prompted to sign in via the browser; now you can enter you valid google account (Gmail), after you have successfully sign in into you google account, you will be taken back to the Quick Shortcut Maker app. Now all you have to do is just restart your device by holding down the power button until a pop up appear, and tap on restart. Done, you have successfully remove FRP from your Vodafone device. This is tested on Vodafone phone with android version 5.1 with new android security patch 2016-02-01.