How to flash firmware into mtk devices

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If you want to flash new flash new flash file or firmware into your mtk device, you can done it with easy. All you need to flash new firmware into your mtk device is, you have to download a flash file for your device and the software called Sp flash tool.


Step 1:

Search on Google for your phone specific flash file, and then download it into your computer

Step 2:

After downloading the flash file into your computer, you have to download Sp flash tool

Step 3:

Extract the flash file, if it is in zipped format.

Step 4:

Open Sp flash tool and click on the button called scatter loading, and navigate to the location where your flash file is located. Choose the file called scatter.txt.

Step 5:

After choose this file the SP flash tool will load all regular file needed for the flashing process. After all file have been loaded make sure the drop down menu is set in download only.

Step 6:

Press on download button with the green arrow pointing downward. If the flash file was flashed successfully into your mtk device the green check mark will appear.