How to create disk partition in windows

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If you want to create a new partition in your disk using windows operating system you can do it with little effort. First we need to know what is Partition? Partitioning: this is the process of dividing one physical disk into multiple virtual disks. Many hard disks can be divided into only four partitions, and if the disk is using MBR, each partition can only support up to 2TB (Terabytes).


Create partition using diskpart utility in windows systems.

In windows pc, we can use diskpart utility to create, remove, or modify partition information with easy. To use diskpart utility we first need to access command prompt and type diskpart. After typing diskpart command, the diskpart utility will be opened in another command prompt window ready to accept diskpart commands. Diskpart accepts many commands you can type help to view all available commands.

The first step in a journey to create a partition is we start by list all disks that are attached to the computer by execute the diskpart command list disk.

The list disk command will return all disks that are currently connected to the computer in a tabular format. The table will contain disk number, disk size, status and the free space available on the disk. Here in this step you need to note down the number of your disk. That is represented under the header Disk ###. 

After noted your disk number, you need to execute another diskpart command; which is select disk #. The select disk command accept only one argument, which is the number of the disk you had noted in previous step.

When the disk is selected you need to clean any partitions that may have been in the disk. To do this we type clean command. After the disk is cleaned, we need to create our new partition in the disk by using the command create partition primary. This command will create a new partition in the disk of type primary.

When the new disk partition is created it will not be usable until we have format it with a filesystem. In order to achieve this we need to select the partition we have just created. To select the partition we have just created we use the command select partition followed by the number of the partition that we want to select. After the partition is selected we need to make it active by using the active command. When the partition is marked as active partition we can format it with a new filesystem. To format the partition with a file system, we use the command format which takes the type of file system, and how it should perform a formatting process, either quick or slow format.

When the formatting process is done, we need to assign the disk withe the new letter in order to be accessible by operating system. To achieve this we use the assign command.

Windows systems also provide a graphical tool that can perform this task. You can use disk management tool for partitioning disk. To access disk management tool just search on your computer disk management.