Download SPD flash tool free and learn how to use it to flash pac files

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SPD flash too is the program that can be used to flash/install new firmware into phones or mobile devices that use the SPD chip. You can download SPD flash tool from here for free.


How to use SPD flash tool

SPD flash tool is very easy to use. First you need to download firmware file for your particular SPD device. Search on google for your SPD flash files or firmware file, which is in the .pac format.

After you have downloaded your pac file, you need to open SPD flash tool. When SPD flash tool opened, click on the gear icon to load the firmware file into SPD flash tool. After the firmware have been loaded into SPD flash tool you will need to press on the start downloading button (play shape button), and then plug your SPD device into your computer while the phone is turned off, and hold down the volume down button. The flashing process will start; it will take about two to five minutes to complete.