7 best torrent sites for extrattorent replacement

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On 17 May 2017 ExtraTorrent site shut down for good. As the message posted on the site main page "ExtraTorrent with all all mirrors goes offline. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones".


This end is similar to other popular torrent sites like kickasstorrent and torrentz. Here are seven options you can choose from, as the replacement for ExtraTorrent.

Pirate Bay clone:

This site can be used for search and download any kind of torrent from music, tv shows, movies and other kind of torrent files.


This site is suitable for HD movies download only.


This site is the clone for Torrentz site, and can be used as torrent file search engine.

Torrent downloads:

This site can be used as ExtraTorrent. It includes all kind of torrents from movies, tv shows and other torrents file.


This site also can be used as ExtraTorrent. It includes all kind of torrents file.


This also is a multi-purpose kind of torrent site. It includes all kind of torrents file.

Torrent download:

This torrent is another version of Torrent downloads, as you can see the domain name are slightly different, and both these sites work together in some torrent links.

Remember pirating is illegal in many countries. This is just a suggestion if you are currently seeking for a replacement after ExtraTorrent shutdown. Another thing to not is, these site contains pop up ads, so if you are going to visit anyone of these sites, don't forget to install pop blocker google chrome extension, which will block any pop up from the browser.